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Who we are:
We are a pking clan for higher lvl players who pk once a week and at random times. Also we do other random events based on combat. We have decent allies whom we sometimes have fun wars with, and we also crash other clan's pk trips as well as their wars. We also have our own wars in which we always do rather good in.

What level to join?
80+ on a normal bases. At random times it will be raised or lowered.
Why should I join?
This is a clan that the leader wont let die. Therefore it will always be around, the leaders treat people fairly and with respect, and they have high ranks of loyality , and they dont bs like alot of other leaders.
What does the clan have to offer me?
Fun, events and alot of new friends and people to hang with. Also people to help you out with various stuff that you may need help with. These are only a few of the things...
What can I do for the clan?
Help it become better in every way possible
Where is the clan going?
The clan will always be getting better and if it falls it will always rise back up! Always onto the future.
What type of players do you need?
We need melee, rangers and magers. Also we need miners and smithers that are capable and willing to help clan mates.


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